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Teacher-created kids forts, cookie covers, play tents, play mats and other imagination-building toys.

Creators of the Ridiculously Popular Cookie Cover!


"Best toy I've bought all year! I have the camper and my baby is obsessed with it."


Lil' Biz Cover

“The Lil' Biz Covers are super easy to set up - just slip it over a standard square card table - was a HUGE HIT at our community lemonade stand!”

Dale H.
Lil' Biz Cover

“This worked so well for us and was so easy to use. It fit perfectly on a card table. My 9-year-old loved it!”

Happy in KS

“This is perfect: light but solid material, opaque enough to let some light in, fits nice. Our grand kids love it, so we ordered another one!”


“The space mat is gorgeous! Beautiful colors and design, also the top is incredibly soft.”

Kay O
Doorway Panels

“It is great quality, and has brought some fun imagination and games out in my kids.”

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Outerspace rocket hideout
Set the stage for play

Hide-a-boo Hideouts were created by a teacher to encourage endless hours of imaginative play. Slide over a card table and set your little one off on an adventure.

Sneak a peek
Hideouts are the perfect toy for building imagination.

Minky soft playmats on your babe belong together. Hide-a-boo playmats are the perfect companion for a day out at the park or in any waiting room. 

Playmat with baby
Underwater submarine doorway panel with little kid
Doorway to adventure

Encourage imagination and creativity from the moment your child enters their bedroom. 

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Bring Some Fun into Play Time!

From play mats to lemonade stands, Hide-a-Boo products are for kids of all ages!