We Love You to the Moon and Back + Free Printable

The Kickstarter is complete!  What is the secret to our funding success?  Hard work + YOU!  That simple if we could tag every blogger, every friend, every family member, every follower, vendors and media we would because it’s due to you!

SO, as I was driving to Logan from one of our events thinking of YOU and listening to Lori Berkner’s, Rocketship Run with my girls, I came up with a Teachable to say THANK YOU!!  It will also give you a taste of the Teachables headed your way if you were lucky enough to snag a Hideout or two.

Icon Cards


Number Cards


Control Board


Here are some of the pages, my girls played with them last night and being they are surrounded by product development and improvement–my oldest decided that the control board was not right and asked me to make it a steering wheel, so here you are perfect to zoom along to Rocketship Run and practice your numbers while you move!

My favorite part is the ideas for play and learning included…just cut the cards apart, tape the label to the inside of the front of a gallon size Ziploc and there you have it,  a fun Teachable to use in 10 different ways.


+ Teachables printed on cardstock

+Scissors + Ziploc Bag


+Rocketship Run

+Cookie Sheet & Flour or Salt

+ Two fly swatters

+ Moon rocks (spray painted pebbles or beads or balls of play dough)

HERE IT IS, YOUR THANK YOU!  Seriously, sincerely, thank you so very much from all of the Hideacrew!!

<Download here>

And make sure to check out Lori’s song and download for some fun movement!

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