Leaving Las Vegas: Our First Hide-a-Crew Adventure



When Casey called me about going to Vegas to Market my first thought was. “Yay, a plane ride, yay, time with some of my favorite people…then I remembered, Aghh Vegas.”

I don’t like Vegas. For a list of reasons but especially because of a teaching experience I had, over the freeway from the strip in a low-income area.  This school began a remodel you could say, not one that was focused on the building they were in but on the community and the kids.  Basic needs were addressed for an extended period of time, helping students have adequate clothes, food, supplies…then the staff went to work building up these students confidence.  As I attended this school one rule was I had to leave right at the bell and was told to get out of the area definitely before dark…seeing houses with pull down guards like you see at closing time at the mall.  All of this was set against the backdrop of the strip and the extravagance, waste and overindulgence.

Yep, that killed it.  I could have been happy never stepping foot in that city again BUT…I am so grateful I did.  Our trip from the moment we sat down at the airport was immersed in goals of empowering children, supporting their caregivers in inspiring their little ones, and bringing more smiles, play, and hidden learning opportunities into homes where these products get to live.

                                          Casey was our photographer…

As a team spending extended time together we were able to combine our ideas and vision and create unified goals for our company.  We dreamed big, and then set about making priorities and starting pathways to get there.  My favorite section of our vision is Hide-a-Boost Initiatives, this is a part of the company that will be focused on using our resources to support our vision of empowering ALL children and their advocates, not just those who have our products.  Hide-a-boost is all about giving back.

We played, laughed and took time to be inspired…speaking of inspiration, we learned so much at market.  Market was unreal, building and floors, tents and pavilions all jam-packed with products in the home, design, gifts and discovery categories.  We were interested in a space this coming July to get our product in front of buyers but as we talked to others and looked at what was best for our products we found an even better option that our brilliant promoter will be working on for us till July.

Another aha moment was as we were discussing packaging and we created a way for even the packaging for our hideouts to inspire play AND to make clean up a snap…I am so excited about this!  You are going to love it!

Although, the greatest thing I learned is that in a team; respect, mutual admiration and commitment create a foundation that great things can be built upon…We have that down pact…

Now to focus on the fun part and get to work, this is happening!