Radio Flyer + Aluminum Foil

Jasmine has upgraded…from magic carpets and Agrabah to the furthest reaches of the Universe!

We just got our very own set of hideouts, if we weren’t obsessed before (the various versions of the kickstarter video play non-stop on our classroom computer) then we are now…there is always a hideout set up somewhere in the house and we couldn’t wait to start some projects.

I was searching for space pretend play online to see if there was anything that really stood out—Left Brain Craft Brain did not disappoint.  Her feed and blog is full of relevant, smart crafts that kids can do!  So happy I found her.

The activity the girls chose was the Barbie astronaut—not to fear if you have little boys running around, this activity would work with action figures and dinosaurs as well, any thing that is needing to explore the galaxy.

Here in our blog, since Left Brain Craft Brain already has a awesome tutorial waiting for you, I will just share our adaptions and tweaks of necessity.

We did not have the clear Christmas ornaments for the helmet and our craft sessions are always spur of the moment so we improvised by going to our recycled art supply box.  If you don’t have one, you need one.  It is just a box in our store room where we place fun, clean containers, boxes, etc. that may be transformed in our crafty moods.

We rummaged and found packaging from a set of light bulbs that was perfect for the helmet front.

While there we saw 2 liter pop bottles and decided that they had the perfect shape for a rocket.  For 1 rocket we used two bottles and extended the length so an average doll could fit inside comfortably.  We also grabbed a little crepe paper for lift off flare and we were set.

For the 2 liter version I cut one bottle in half with an Exacto puncture and Isabelle finished with the scissors.  On the second bottle we cut off the top and the bottom, leaving the center piece.

By making four cuts about a ½ inch deep around the top and bottom of the center piece you can slide it into the two halves.  Like this…

And bonus… as Isabelle was playing with the extra top and bottom she found that they fit together for the perfect alien attack space cruiser.

From the moon to the furthest reaches of the universe these girls were soaring in style (they played in the hideout having conversations, planning adventure, and then their astronauts would leap into bike baskets and the little red wagon and whoosh away).  I see many more episodes of space play ahead.

Thank you Left Brain Craft Brain, seriously genius, and thank you to our Lammily doll, the girls always gravitate to her when picking out a playmate.

To infinity and beyond!

PS Don’t miss the link Left Brain Craft Brain has for an inside look at living on a space shuttle, we were fascinated…so very cool!