Wholesale & Reseller Information

If you own an online or offline store, would like to become an authorized Hideaboo reseller, want to import Hideaboo products into your country for sale, or purchase our products wholesale for the purpose of resale - you've come to the right place!

FYI- We have an exclusive agreement for our Amazon and ebay sales already in place. If you would like to sell on your own website or in your retail location, we'd love to talk!

With the increasing popularity of our Hideouts and Easy Lemonade Stands worldwide, we often receive requests for wholesale pricing and quantities.

5 Unique Perks of Becoming a Hideaboo Retailer

1- SOCIAL MEDIA HELP- Our in house design team can supply you with social media graphics for any sales, launches, promotions or special events involving our products! Just email your request and we'll be in touch to see what we can do.  Email requests to casey@hideaboo.com

2- BLOGGERS LOVE US- Has your business experienced the power of a social media influencer? They have a fiercely loyal following that trust their judgment and recommendations. We just happen to know and have worked with some of the biggest in the country. We're able to tap into those audiences very easily to drive traffic to our retailers sites or locations.

3- TEACHER CREATED PRODUCTS- It's no mystery that having a story behind a product makes it that much easier to sell, right? Our products were conceived by an award winning teacher, with two kids and working up to FOUR jobs at one point. She put the idea out there, her sister and brother-in-law jumped onboard and Hideaboo was born! That's the abbreviated version :)

4- UNIQUE PRODUCTS- Have you ever seen a card table fort that wasn't sewn together with very basic shapes and designs? We hadn't! How about a lemonade stand that looks amazing and is up in 4 seconds? Nope! Me neither. That's why we created them and you know what? We've got pages and pages of product ideas that are all unique and just as adorable waiting for us to bring them to life.

5- WE'RE SMALL AND WE LIKE IT THAT WAY- One of our founders just quit his corporate job with a top 10 running shoe brand to run Hideaboo full time! He loves it that much. Miss Ashlee and Amber, the other two founders are Sisters! Just a small group of creative people with good heads on their shoulders. No corporate nonsense here.


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