The Hide-A-Crew


Miss AshLee

Visionary Educator

For AshLee teaching is written on her heart and synonymous with service and love. As a youth children would gather around her like birds to Snow White and she found and continues to find who she is in that circle. She’s now sharing all her expertise, talent and heart through her dynamic ideas. 

She’ s a mother, a Daughter, and beautiful mess maker.

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Design Master

Often found behind her Mac, Amber is a hidden treasure, peaceful, calm and over the top talented. Her first interpreter was her sister - the Visionary Educator - and the second was design. She is currently using design to interpret her sisters imaginings and inspiring super awesome play. 

She’s a designer, a wanderer, and furry dog cuddler.

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Brilliant Promoter

Creative to the core, Casey is rarely sitting still. His teachers scratched their heads thinking of ways to keep him quiet, he just had too much to say and classmates to entertain. He’s channeled that energy and creativity into launching new products and thinking of clever ways to get them seen. 

He’s a father, a brother, and a spicy thai food lover.